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WORM retention period

Hello, all!

I've a question regarding Snaplock (Enterprise) volumes. I've discovered how to set retention dates by setting a default period on a volume level, and there's also a description on how to do it thru UNIX shell - but the CIFS protocol is not covered. It simply says "Set the retention date using the command or program available for the file access protocol"...

Does anyone have experince in working with SnapLock'd volumes or setting retention period for individual files?

Thanx in advance,



Re: WORM retention period


you have to set the ACCESS-Time of the File to a Date in the Future which is greater/equal as far as the "snaplock_minimum_period". Then make it read_only.

That should be all


Re: WORM retention period

Hello, Patrik!

How do I set Access Time in a Windows environement?

Re: WORM retention period

I use touch from cygwin


Re: WORM retention period

Thanx a bunch, Patrik!

I also found this Windows touch utility useful:

As well as this CMD prompt command:

They both work fine.


Re: WORM retention period

Hmm... I've set a 2 day retention period for several files using Cygwin, Touch and WinTouch. So by now, the retention date had well and truly passed but I still can't modify or delete them.

I've tried changing it's Read-Only status but I'm getting "Access is denied", also, when trying to delete one of the files I'm getting "Please remove write protection".

Any thoughts?

P.S. Also, none of the touch utilities can extend the retention period, once the file has been set in Read-Only mode. According to NOW manuals, they should be able to do it.


Re: WORM retention period

I'm still having retention date issues. I forgot about this topic so I opened up another...

Any help would be greatly aappreciated!


Re: WORM retention period

Never mind! 🙂 It's working fine... it was a Compliance Clock skew issue. Cheers!

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