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Wish list for next version of RCU...


Hey guys,

trying to use RCU 2.1 and had some problems.  Read the release notes and found out that QTREEs and vfilers are not supported.

I hope in the next version these are fixed/addressed.  QTREE's I can get over, its not that big of a deal really, but vfiler's is really important.  We use the vfiler -dr option to snapmirror NFS vmware datastores and therefore can't use the RCU.  Using vfilers with the -dr option makes it easy to fail over to another site and is critical to our disaster recovery plan.  Also, I think this fits into your future data motion plans.





Hi Chris,

I can't discuss product roadmaps in a public forum, but please be assured we hear you loud and clear!

You are correct, this is very much inline with NetApp Data Motion™ (IMHO).

Thank you very much for taking a look at RCU and for your valuable feedback.



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