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XCP - stderr log & delete copy id

1. why the  stderr log file hasn't been create under log dir ,even though  the path appers at the ini file ?

2. how can i delete  id of a copy , i want to use the name of the volume as id  so i ran  xcp copy -newid vol1  /source /dest 

and  i want to delete the id and use  it again for another path. 









Re: XCP - stderr log & delete copy id



under you catalog folder (catalog/indexes) you can just rename/remove the folder and this will allow you to start the copy with the same ID.


so as an example if your failed ID is called copy-1 you will see something like this

# cp/catalog/indexes# ls -ltr
total 184
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Nov 10 08:30 copy-1

# xcp/catalog/indexes#


if you remove `copy-1` folder then you will be fine.



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