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adding initiator in netapp

how do I add a new initiator in netapp? does netapp auto detect new initiators?


Re: adding initiator in netapp

Hi TDUBB1234,

Auto detect new initiator is only partly done in NetApp.

You may use your OnCommend Sys Mgr LUNs section Initiator Group to assign the detected initiators into Initiator groups, the process is easy, just follow the wizerd.

Good luck & Good w/e


Re: adding initiator in netapp

what type of initiator? FC or Iscsi?

For FC you will need to make sure it is correctly zoned on your FC switch or make sure you set up and iscsi connection to the SAN from the host.

you can use >fcp show initiators or >iscsi show initiators from the cli to see what inititaors are currently connected.

if you can provide more specific information about your environment that would be useful,


Re: adding initiator in netapp


How do I find out via command line what the initiators are on the netapp? I mean the controller initiators.

Re: adding initiator in netapp

>fcadmin config

Adapter Type      State                  Status
  0c   initiator  CONFIGURED.            offline
  0d   initiator  CONFIGURED.            offline

Re: adding initiator in netapp

assuming you mean FC - The onbord HBA's can be set as Targets or Initiators:

Usage: fcadmin config [-?] [-e | -d] [-t {target|initiator|unconfigured}] [<adapter_name> ... ]

if you purchased additional HBA cards they will be either Initiators or Targets

you can also use >fcp show adapters

Of course a catch all is >sysconfig -a that will list everything


Re: adding initiator in netapp

The netapp controllerinitiators are all zoned in on the fc switch.

The host is also zoned in. however I can only see luns on one netapp and not the other netapp.

Re: adding initiator in netapp

If your networking (FC or ISCSI is set up ok) you should be able to see the initators connected to the switch or the Fabric.

Have you checked the NetApp CLI.

Re: adding initiator in netapp

>fcp show initiators will list the hosts initiators connected to your filers.  Confirm you can see the initaitors on both filers by running this command on each netapp:

IF YES - check the initiators are listed in the igroup(s) for the missing luns, make sure the luns are online etc

IF NO - check zoning and cabling


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