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Talk with fellow users about the multiple protocols supported by NetApp unified storage including SAN and NAS, CIFS/SMB, NFS and FPolicy.

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Hi all,   Does anyone have an explanation for this error while syncing and how to solve it? Command executed:   xcp sync -id orascratch_1 -parallel 12 more
Hi, Please advise how to lookup SID in clsuter data ontap 8.3 CIFS Lookup is not working. Thanks. Tony
Hi Friends,   Does any impact on quota re-initialize?  we are seeng error message as "quota.parse.error: skipping new definition for /vol/vol1/qtreex more
I need to exclude a folder from sync . I am using the following parameter however this does not seems to be working -exclude "'folder-a/b/c/*'"   Idea more
1. why the  stderr log file hasn't been create under log dir ,even though  the path appers at the ini file ? 2. how can i delete  id of a copy , i wan more
Server: NetApp Ontap 9.3 Server Protocol: SMB2  Command: SMB2 Session Setup   We are seeing an issue with Netapp Ontap 9.3 server's Session Setup Resp more
XCP Fileanalytics installation is failing with the following:    File "/local/build/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sqlalchemy/engine/", line more
hello, I'm performing a migration from an IBM Spectrum storage to NetApp C-Mode using xcp nfs, however the ibm storage has a particularity the snapsho more
Hey guys,we want to connect a WindowsServer 2019 with a nfs-share. We can see the nfs-share within the WindowsServer. But we have no write-access to i more
Hi guys,   we ran into a problem with a CIFS share. The share was accesible all the time, but suddenly it's not. In the event logs I can see this erro more
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