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Talk with fellow users about the multiple protocols supported by NetApp unified storage including SAN and NAS, CIFS/SMB, NFS and FPolicy.

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Ask the Expert Session – CIFS  Grab the opportunity to learn from our Expert and bridge your Knowledge gap.  Our CIFS Expert will answer your question more
Perhaps those of you who use DFS can help.   I have a pretty typical setup with a cluster at my prod site and a cluster at my DR site, with snapmirro more
Hello Netapp Community,   I am having a big challenge that just started a week ago. My Netapp Nearstore storage system Model R200 and version 7.2.4 st more
Hi all;   we're trying (and failing) to mount a NetApp CIFS share on Linux boxes in SMB2 mode. Situation so far:   * Mounting the NetApp CIFS share us more
Hi, We have a requirement to provide RO access to all CIFS shares of SVM1 for a domain group, who further uses MMC to view the shares. Can you suggest more
Hi   I have some people but not all who have problem when browsing a directory in an unix volume from windows    The configuration is based on an acti more
In 7mode I was able to list all of the active host NFS connections for exports using the showmount -a command.  However, there is no command in CDOT t more
Hi NetApp Experts,   I need an advice regarding the potential reason why Microsoft Office applications are very laggy when they are accesses from a Ne more
Hi all,   Need on advise on my configuration on netapp cluster which is i try to setup 1 netapp simulator cmode version 9.x using vmware workstation p more
I have followed the below document but not fixed. Need an help more
Hi all   In my company we have got quite a big old traditional NAS solutions (around 1PB in each of the 2 sites). We have around +30.000 users who has more