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Talk with fellow users about the multiple protocols supported by NetApp unified storage including SAN and NAS, CIFS/SMB, NFS and FPolicy.

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Ask the Expert Session – CIFS  Grab the opportunity to learn from our Expert and bridge your Knowledge gap.  Our CIFS Expert will answer your question more
I want to confirm the configuration for TrendMicro ServerProtect 6.0 running on ONTAP 9.1.  I had been told by NetApp support that I need a LIF in eac more
Dear Community,   Since ONTAP 9.4 [1] there is this new CIFS option "-max-credits" with a default of 128. According to Microsoft [2] on Windows Server more
I apologize if my questions was discussed in the past but I couldnt find anything similar.   Trying to understand the best practices between NAS Clien more
Is there a way to create a new FlexVol using PowerShell Toolkit where the Storage Type is set to SAN (iSCSI) instead of NAS, which creates a JunctionP more
Hello,   I'm using the C# ONTAP API 9.5P3 to create directories and assign NTFS security DACLs to them. In this process a security policy, a security more
  Hi i need to change the name and the ip of a vif interface on a 7-mode netapp filer could you please advise me on the best way first i m thinking o more
Anyone that knows how to validate if a host has created all the required ISCSI sessions? Validation from storage and not from host   iscsi connection more
Hi Team,   I have very weired problem, i have one domain on onprem and another domain in cloud and accessing netapp share through citirx desktop. when more
We are using  8.2.4P2 7-Mode ,   Windows 10 clients loosing connection to CIFS shares intermittently. Errors are like 'Path is not available',Access more
Hi All,   Our ageing FAS2220 is on its last legs (EOL end of November), were hoping to get a shiny C190 soon but in the meantime have to keep our old more