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Talk with fellow users about the multiple protocols supported by NetApp unified storage including SAN and NAS, CIFS/SMB, NFS and FPolicy.

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Hello,   Customer used to mount an NFS share on a 7-mode system using the following string:   IP:/EXPORT /MountPoint nfs rw,user,nolock,vers=3,bg,soft more
Hi, I am really struggling with the concept of CIFS / NTFS auditing.   'vserver audit command enables or disables auditing, defines log location files more
Hi NetApp Experts,   I need an advice regarding the potential reason why Microsoft Office applications are very laggy when they are accesses from a Ne more
Hello, Is there any script that I can use to check and pull the information into csv file?
Hi. How can I enable quota over NFS for my linux clients? (CentOS 7) I have issued "nfs modify -vserver $SVM_NAME -rquota enabled" command, but still more
This document discusses best practices and recommendations when deploying and sizing the StorageGRID Webscale (SGWS) NAS Bridge and discusses configur more
hello, I'm performing a migration from an IBM Spectrum storage to NetApp C-Mode using xcp nfs, however the ibm storage has a particularity the snapsho more
Hey guys, Anyone got 2012 R2 user profile disks working with SMB3 on NetApp cDOT? I know it requires SMB3 but it doesn't seem to work when setting up more
Hello Netapp Team, We having a problem to connect to CIFS shared (Netapp) via DNS from Windows Server 2012R2 & Windows 10. I use Windows AD to map a s more
We have 3 hosts with vSphere 6.7 with many datastore mounted in NFS 4.1 and a FAS2750 with ONTAP 9.6. I have follow this guide more
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