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Talk with fellow users about the multiple protocols supported by NetApp unified storage including SAN and NAS, CIFS/SMB, NFS and FPolicy.

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Hi, Please advise how to lookup SID in clsuter data ontap 8.3 CIFS Lookup is not working. Thanks. Tony
Hi all,   Does anyone have an explanation for this error while syncing and how to solve it? Command executed:   xcp sync -id orascratch_1 -parallel 12 more
Hi Friends,   Does any impact on quota re-initialize?  we are seeng error message as "quota.parse.error: skipping new definition for /vol/vol1/qtreex more
I need to exclude a folder from sync . I am using the following parameter however this does not seems to be working -exclude "'folder-a/b/c/*'"   Idea more
1. why the  stderr log file hasn't been create under log dir ,even though  the path appers at the ini file ? 2. how can i delete  id of a copy , i wan more
Server: NetApp Ontap 9.3 Server Protocol: SMB2  Command: SMB2 Session Setup   We are seeing an issue with Netapp Ontap 9.3 server's Session Setup Resp more
XCP Fileanalytics installation is failing with the following:    File "/local/build/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sqlalchemy/engine/", line more
hello, I'm performing a migration from an IBM Spectrum storage to NetApp C-Mode using xcp nfs, however the ibm storage has a particularity the snapsho more
Hey guys,we want to connect a WindowsServer 2019 with a nfs-share. We can see the nfs-share within the WindowsServer. But we have no write-access to i more
Hi guys,   we ran into a problem with a CIFS share. The share was accesible all the time, but suddenly it's not. In the event logs I can see this erro more
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