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Talk with fellow users about the multiple protocols supported by NetApp unified storage including SAN and NAS, CIFS/SMB, NFS and FPolicy.

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Ask the Expert Session – CIFS  Grab the opportunity to learn from our Expert and bridge your Knowledge gap.  Our CIFS Expert will answer your question more
Hello,we trying to mount a NetApp CIFS share on SLES 11 with SMB 2.1 as follows:Mount -v -o auto, username = xxxxxx, password = xxxxxx, workgroup = XX more
This article helps to identify the most common NFS issues and solutions. Provide your valuable feedback if you would like to get an NFS issue included more
Is it true what I have been told in the past that LACP in a interface group should not be used for SAN protcols like iSCSI between a NetApp filer and more
  hi , we had setup cifs auditing in a customer environment.It works well for normal shares ,but the customer has some hidden shares ,i mean they are more
I have a user attempting to access a CIFS share from a different domain. The domain is trusted. And the user authenticates to the domain controllers s more
problems, to find the support for the cn1610 team, I need to download the firewall and I also need to delete all the configuration of a single port to more
Hello everyone, Currently we are running netapp version 7.2.4, on trying to remove the qtree, it fails to delete because the Directory not empty, remo more
We’ve noticed a problem with our NetApp where if we make a change to a user’s groups via NIS the NetApp seems to take days to pick up the change. This more
I'm having a 2 node cluster. Each node has a 4 ports LACP configuration connected to 2 NEXUS 9k. On the cluster I have created a SVM with lif's connec more
Greetings all and Happy New Year,   I currently have an issue with the NFS settings on three of my four filers.  I have compared them to the filer whi more