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Talk with fellow users about the multiple protocols supported by NetApp unified storage including SAN and NAS, CIFS/SMB, NFS and FPolicy.

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Ask the Expert Session – CIFS  Grab the opportunity to learn from our Expert and bridge your Knowledge gap.  Our CIFS Expert will answer your question more
I am having trouble access cifs shares. I have tried running cifs setup and it fails with "Data ONTAP API Failed :Could not authenticate with domain c more
I want to confirm the configuration for TrendMicro ServerProtect 6.0 running on ONTAP 9.1.  I had been told by NetApp support that I need a LIF in eac more
Dear Community,   Since ONTAP 9.4 [1] there is this new CIFS option "-max-credits" with a default of 128. According to Microsoft [2] on Windows Server more
I apologize if my questions was discussed in the past but I couldnt find anything similar.   Trying to understand the best practices between NAS Clien more
Is there a way to create a new FlexVol using PowerShell Toolkit where the Storage Type is set to SAN (iSCSI) instead of NAS, which creates a JunctionP more
Hello,   I'm using the C# ONTAP API 9.5P3 to create directories and assign NTFS security DACLs to them. In this process a security policy, a security more
  Hi i need to change the name and the ip of a vif interface on a 7-mode netapp filer could you please advise me on the best way first i m thinking o more
Anyone that knows how to validate if a host has created all the required ISCSI sessions? Validation from storage and not from host   iscsi connection more
Hi Team,   I have very weired problem, i have one domain on onprem and another domain in cloud and accessing netapp share through citirx desktop. when more
We are using  8.2.4P2 7-Mode ,   Windows 10 clients loosing connection to CIFS shares intermittently. Errors are like 'Path is not available',Access more
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