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cDOT cluster share limit (cifs NFS) 8.3

Regardless of node count, what's the cluster share / export rule limit


Is it Cifs 40K or no?

NfS 12,000?


IS that right?


Re: cDOT cluster share limit (cifs NFS) 8.3



The maximum number of NFS export rules depends on the size of the cluster.


For Large sized clusters (24 nodes)  :  140,000

For Medium (8 nodes) and small (4 nodes):70,000


Maximum number of regular shares  for CIFS(does not apply to dynamic shares created using the home directory feature):40,000 for Large, medium and small sized clusters.



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Re: cDOT cluster share limit (cifs NFS) 8.3

Is it possible to share the source of documentation, where these limits came from?

I just find some posts in the community with different values listed.