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cDOT cluster share limit (cifs NFS) 8.3


I've been unable to find out what the limitation of a single Cifs share is on FAS8040, 4 nodes? Also the number of individual files supported?
Can anyone point me in the right direction?


This offical site gave a little information.


This page is good but for different model.

the cifs limits of the fas2040 are
Max nr. of connections = 44'000
Max nr. of shares = 88'000
Max nr. of share connections = 176'000
Max nr. of open files = 880'000
Max nr. of locked files = 970'112
Max nr. of locks = 1'940'224




Re: cDOT cluster share limit (cifs NFS) 8.3

I am not aware of any protocol related limit on number of files in a volume. There is max directory size and theoretical limit on number of files in a volume. The latter is derived from the minimal file size of 4K; and max directory size can be increased in principle (although not recommended).

Re: cDOT cluster share limit (cifs NFS) 8.3


Thanks for response. There do has limition of # of filer - 31.88m - I foudn it, however, my question is regarding how many concurrent connections to the CIFS share, locked files, opened files and so on. For sure, as the hardware is limited, the supported # of clients is not unlimited.


For windows server - filer, we can simply run a command to have the number, net config server, the output like this,

Software version Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
Server is active on
NetbiosSmb (server name)
NetBT_Tcpip_{15AC02A8-B085-41F5-8F54-B509583CE08C} (server name)

Server hidden No
Maximum Logged On Users 16777216
Maximum open files per session 16384

Idle session time (min) 15

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