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changing effective security style on folders in qtree

Dear all 

We are running a folder structure actually accessed by NFS on a Clustered Ontap 8.3.

In future we would like to access the same data by SMB/CIFS only.

By changing the qtree security style from UNIX to NTFS everything seems fine. But I have seen, that the folders in the qtree, originally created from the Linux server the qtree was mounted to, still have an "effective security style" of unix in place (with bgs_smb_fil1_data1 as the volume [changed to ntfs too], bgs-data as the qtree [ntfs], documents a folder):

bgsstg1::*> vserver security file-directory show -vserver bgs_smb_fil1 -path /bgs_smb_fil1_data1/bgs-data/documents

Vserver: bgs_smb_fil1
File Path: /bgs_smb_fil1_data1/bgs-data/documents
Security Style: ntfs
Effective Style: unix
DOS Attributes: 10
DOS Attributes in Text: ----D---
Expanded Dos Attributes: -
Unix User Id: 502
Unix Group Id: 502
Unix Mode Bits: 755
Unix Mode Bits in Text: rwxr-xr-x
ACLs: -


Is there a way to change the style on the folder level?




Re: changing effective security style on folders in qtree

Access the qtree from a windows host and the effective security style shuold change to ntfs. the effective style is set from the last client that aceess the vol\qtree\file

Re: changing effective security style on folders in qtree



thanks for the reply, but ... nope: even after renaming the folder from Windows Explorer the effective style is still unix.


but as long as it doesn't conflict in everydays work, that suits me fine.



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