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cifs broadcast

Hello, all!

I've a virtualized lab with an ONTAP simulator which I tinker with to test stuff... Well, I tried using cifs broadcast command but without success.

I opened up some shares a workstation (within the domain) and from the domain controller, using 2 different usernames. I then tried sending out a broadcast for the volumes (shares) user PC was accessing...

storage> cifs sessions
Server Registers as 'STORAGE' in Windows 2000 domain 'LAB'
Filer is using sl for DOS users
Selected domain controller \\MERKUR for authentication
PC IP(PC Name) (user)        #shares      #files (LAB\administrator - root)
                      2         0 (LAB\pc - pcuser)
                      2         2
storage> cifs sessions PC

  shares/files opened (LAB\pc - pcuser)

storage> cifs broadcast -v vol1 "BOO!"
storage> cifs broadcast -v /vol/vol1 "BOO!"
storage> cifs broadcast "BOO!"
storage> cifs broadcast LAB\pc "BOO!"

I did the same for the other username. Nothing happened. What am I missing?




Re: cifs broadcast

You dont get a return code from your command`?

Here it looks:

rsh Toaster cifs broadcast Workstation test

Station could not be notified

cheers Soeren

Re: cifs broadcast


You might want to take a look at this info about CIFS broadcasts.  There are some limitations:

Re: cifs broadcast

Hi Soeren,

Yes, the first time I tried it I got "could not be notified" return comment.

I thought that it was becausee I only accessed the shares, but had no actual files open. So I opened up some files and tried again - but this time, no return comment was sent out at all.

Now I'm thinking, I used Vista and Server 2003 to test it - perhaps broadcasting option should somehow be enabled on these workstations? Or perhaps it requires SMB2 on storage side?


Re: cifs broadcast

Hmm, can't see any broadcast related info there.

Re: cifs broadcast


The frameset URL is a little too unspecific, unfortunately, if you can't click down to the CIFS section on "Managing CIFS Services"

The more exact URL is:

About this task

Data ONTAP automatically sends a message to connected users after you enter the cifs terminate command. However, if you want to send a message without stopping CIFS service, for example, to tell users to close all files, you can use Server Manager or the Data ONTAP command line to send a message.

Some clients might not receive broadcast messages. The following limitations and prerequisites apply to this feature:

  • Windows 95 and Windows for Workgroups clients must have the WinPopup program configured.
  • Windows 2003 and Windows XP Service Pack 2 clients must have the messenger service enabled. (By default, it is disabled.)
  • Messages to users can only be seen by Windows clients connected using NetBIOS over TCP.

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Re: cifs broadcast

Ah yes, there we go.  Thank you. 🙂

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