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cifs sessions by share....


Hello friends.

Does anyone know a good method on CLI to display sessions per share/s?  The man page for "cifs sessions" shows very few options.

I need to delete some CIFS shares that some users currently have locked files on.  I have hundreds of users, so to go user by user is impossible.  I would like to show session by share, so that I can pinpoint the couple of users locking files in the shares I need to remove (so that I can then copy them to new shares).




Re: cifs sessions by share....


Try this:

netapp> cifs sessions *

(note the ' * ')

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Re: cifs sessions by share....


Perfection, just pure perfection.  Thanks!

I also didn't realize I could plug the nbalias for cifs in to computer management snap-in and view the details that way.

Still, I like to know how to do this on CLI, your advice is a huge help.

Re: cifs sessions by share....


Oh yeah, I forgot about the Computer Management way...that works too.   I guess I'm just a CLI guy at heart so my thoughts always go there first.

Anyway, glad it helped.

Re: cifs sessions by share....


I could be off base here (as am not looking at it right now) but I think that Systems Manager may be able to handle this as well.

"cifs sessions *" definitely is very cool though.

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