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cifs setup terminates suddenly without any message.


Hi All,


I have been running cifs setup in a vFiler on a 6280 running 8.2.3P2 7-mode and it terminates unexpectedly and without message after selecting either option for "Multiprotocol" or "NTFS-only" as show below:


filer> vfiler run vfilername cifs setup




(1) Multiprotocol filer
(2) NTFS-only filer

Selection (1-2)? [1]: 1
        CIFS requires local /etc/passwd and /etc/group files and default files
        will be created.  The default passwd file contains entries for 'root',
        'pcuser', and 'nobody'.



I manually created /etc/passwd and /etc/group files and then retried the cifs setup. I've never had to do that before. Does anyone know why?


Cheers, Renton.


Re: cifs setup terminates suddenly without any message.


can you change the root password? if so change it and rerun cifs setup

Re: cifs setup terminates suddenly without any message.




This is because CIFS is not configured while configuring vfiler and configured later, then /etc/passwd is not created on the root of the vfiler volume.
You can either setup CIFS while creating vfiler or need to manually create /etc/passwd in root volume of the vfiler




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