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data ontap 7mode ; protocols

How to flush LDAP cache on 7mode system ?(8.2.3)
And is there any default time to flush ? And can we change it?


Re: data ontap 7mode ; protocols

Well, there is a TTL mechanish that determines the data-type age.


For example:
credential cache = deault 1hr
Hostname to IP cache = default 24hr


Name service:

You can change the time-to-live setting for DNS entries by using the options dns.update.ttl


filer> options dns.update.ttl time
time can be set in seconds (s), minutes (m), or hours (h), with a minimum value of 600 seconds
and a maximum value of 24 hours.

To set the TTL to two hours, enter the following command:
filer>options dns.update.ttl 2h


In 7-Mode, export policy rules are cached based on the following NFS options:


Note: You can use the exportfs -f command to manually remove entries from the access cache anytime.

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