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fpolicy extension changing


Hi to all ,

For a customer i have been trying to configure the Fpolicy for the CIFS shares , ı had created a policy for blocking  mp3 ,and enabled on the cifs shares for the   following operations

"File open,file rename,file create"     .Then when we try to copy *.mp3 files to CIFS shares it succesfully blocks our attemps ,and we cant change a file extension on CIFS share to a *.mp3 file.

But when we renamed an mp3 file on our  pc ,and then send it to CIFS share , the fpolicy does not block this file,and allows us to copy that mp to CIFS,

Is there a way to  overcome this problem or i am missing somethin

By the way we are using Native screening on Netapp ..

Thanks a lot ...


Re: fpolicy extension changing


Data ONTAP native screen only checks the file extension, not the file header or any information inside the file.  So if an mp3 file is renamed to .doc then copied, fpolicy does not know it is an mp3 file.  You would need 3rd party software that checks this.  I know NTP does check for this (either realtime (which can slow things down) or on a schedule to find files by checking inside the file instead of trusting the file extension).

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Re: fpolicy extension changing


Thanks a lot  for the fast response and the solutions.

Regards and have a nice day.

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