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fun with cifs and windows 8


Hi All,

I'm messing around with win8 on my pc and am having odd problems getting cifs to work. Current setup (that's relevant)

3140 7.3.2p2 (local DCs - 2003, 2008)

2050 7.3.7     (local DCs - 2003, 2008r2)

cifs to the 2050 works fine. cifs to the 3140 gives me the error "an unexpected error occured". All the options cifs are the same on both. That is:

cifs.LMCompatibilityLevel    1


cifs.signing.enable          off

cifs.smb2.client.enable      on

cifs.smb2.durable_handle.enable on

cifs.smb2.durable_handle.timeout 16m

cifs.smb2.enable             on

cifs.smb2.signing.required   off

The "Microsoft Network Client" security settings are at their default, ie, "digitally sign if agreed" is enabled. All the others are disabled. Now, if i set "MS network client:Digitally sign always " to ENABLE. I can access the 3140. I don't understand why, surely that should fail as I have signing off.

A cifs.trace_login implies that I am being authenticated, it appears to loop a few times saying I'm authenticated and then gives me the error. Assuming "AUTH: Login by xxx from accepted" means everything is ok.

Any ideas?



Re: fun with cifs and windows 8


you are on different ontap versions which might behave differently. besides that 7.3.2 isnt the smartest ontap version to have, so you might want to go for 7.3.7P1 on both machines and you are fine.

Re: fun with cifs and windows 8



Yeah I know it's pretty old. Like everything it's finding the downtime to upgrade it. Due to a lot of cifs stuff, it's a bit difficult. The actual error on a netmon trace is 515 STATUS_USER_SESSION_DELETED whenever I try to access the share.

Incidentally, in that packet trace it seems to imply that the working controller isn't using SMB2 despite it being "on". So, I turned SMB2 off in the broken one, and lo and behold it starts to work. So, I'm assuming there's a bug in the SMB2 protocol, or at least something that's incompatable with the way Windows 8 uses it. Maybe it's inclusion of SMB3 is throwing it? I'm not entirely sure if upgrading to 7.3.7sp1 would therefore "fix" the issue. It looks like it just hides it a little better.

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Re: fun with cifs and windows 8


You have to enable smb2 signing for windows 2012/8- I had to do this for 7.3.7. Or disable smb2 signing on windows 8

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