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health check up on netapp filers

Hello everyone,

i am curious to know how can we perform a daily health check up on the netapp filers to confirm filers functioning properly & no issues.

please can any one share the thoughts on this or share any scripts on this what....?


Re: health check up on netapp filers

Download a copy of System Manager and add your filer(s) in.  Pretty sure it's free, check your software downloads page on NOW. You'll get a top view status like the screen in my attachment.  From there, drill down as far as you want.  It's an awesome tool.

Re: health check up on netapp filers

It’s going to depend on a few factors:

· Size of environment

· Protocols used (in your case I’m assuming NFS and CIFS as you posted in File Services)

· Other infrastructure components you have in your environment

For contractual reasons I cannot share any scripts however here are some thoughts for a robust check up process for medium to large size implementations:

· Not all UIs, alerts are equal so a multi-tiered approach will ensure you keep your reputation as an excellent storage admin

· Consider forwarding the syslogs from your Filers to a central syslog repository and parse the file for key events (not all events will generate an SNMP alert so log review is critical)

· Where possible use Operations Manager to monitor your environment

· Where possible employ a SNMP trap receiver and alerting system to process and notify SNMP alerts

· Don’t rely on just the Filerview summary page. It doesn’t capture everything.

Re: health check up or checklist to check on netapp filers

in my envioronment i have NFS & CIFS protocols..

is there any commands i can run everyday morning before i start my work on the filers( like check list i need to see on the filers) & see  the healthy status of the filers...?

appreciated for answers or solutions..........

health check up on netapp filers

Kindly let us know, if there is any command apart form

> sudo rsh filername sysstat -f/-i

Re: health check up on netapp filers

Hi everyone,


Do you happen to know how to automate health checks without having autosupport options?


Thanks much,