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how to change which port numbers a service uses

From "man services":

The  services  file  contains  information mapping between

       port numbers and service names.  This file  exists  purely

       for  reference  purposes and is not currently used by Data

       ONTAP.  Modifying entries in this file will have no effect

       on  the  node.  Removing entries will not disable ports or

       services.  For information on how  to  change  which  port

       numbers  a  service  uses  (if possible), see the relevant

       manual page for  that  service Such  changes  will  not

       update the services file.

My customer asks to change port number for mountd,rquotad and lockd.

Many thanks.



Re: how to change which port numbers a service uses


If you need to change default ports, follow below mentioned procedure.

1.) Check for exising port used.

Filer1> options rpc

rpc.mountd.tcp.port          4046

rpc.mountd.udp.port          4046

2.) change port eg 5000 instead of 4046

Filer1> optons rpc.mountd.tcp.port "5000"

3.) check for changes.

Filer1> options rpc

Restart NFS service on Filer and keep in mind that new port must not be in used. These changes are persistent across reboots.

Hope it will help

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Re: how to change which port numbers a service uses

many thanks.

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