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how to get a license for my FAS2020


Greetings to all!

I'm new to Netapp, help me please.

I bought a used Netapp FAS2020.

Old owner of the FAS2020 sent me two licenses, which he found in his account on (CSV file):

- License for Protocol "CLUSTER"

- License for Protocol "ISCSI"


These licenses are successfully added.


But I still need other licenses:

- HTTP protocol

- System manager

- FC protocol


FAS2000 Software Packs

The document says that Base Pack (Included system software) contains the following license:



-Thin Provisioning




-Operations Manager



-System Manager


-FC protocol

-iSCSI protocol

-HTTP protocol


Please tell me where I can get all of the licenses of the Base Pack (Included system software)?

Thank you very much!

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