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iSCSI LIF Migration - Solaris Boot LUNS


I am migrating from a 4-node cluster to a 2-node cluster.  I have a vserver dedicated to iSCSI.   Right now it is being used to boot Solaris 10 zones (I know, not good).  


We are doing the migration by joining the 2 nodes to the 4 node cluster, doing vol moves to the new aggrs, and then migrating the LIFS.


We have to delete the iSCSI LIFS since iSCSI LIFS cannot be migrated.


Our Unix admins are not sure how to best approach this from the Solaris perspective to eliminate or minimize downtime.   We attempted to delete an iSCSI LIF and it immediately impacted the Solaris server.


I am hoping someone has some ideas or suggestions to minimize the impact other than confirming multipathing is working on the Solaris server.  One thought I had would be to add iSCSI LIFs to the new nodes with new IP's and have the Unix admins add them as new targets.



4-node 6250's                          moving to        2-node A700's

(8 iscsi LIFS, two per-node)                        (4 iscsi LIFS, two per-node)


I can provide more detail if this is not clear.


Thanks in advance!




Re: iSCSI LIF Migration - Solaris Boot LUNS




iSCSI can be migrated.

You can shut down the LIF and change homeport and turn it on back.

Yes, you have to turn it off. However, since you most probably have few iSCSI LIFs for redundancy, you can do it one by one.

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Re: iSCSI LIF Migration - Solaris Boot LUNS


Thanks!  I am going to test this!  Will update with results.

Re: iSCSI LIF Migration - Solaris Boot LUNS


Well,  my unix admins are not confident that they have mutlipathing setup correctly on the OS so we will be shutting down the server during our LIF move 😞 


Thank you for the answer though, I tested it on our other FAS and it is definitely the best way to move iSCSI LIFs.



Re: iSCSI LIF Migration - Solaris Boot LUNS


I'm glad I helped.

Though now is an excellent time to figure out whether you have moltipathing or not, so use this opportunity.

And if it is not configured with multipathing, then again it is a good time to fix it.

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