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we do igroup show to know the hosts in the it lists both the fcp and iscsi hosts in the igroup.

now my question is  ->  for fcp they are the wwpns of hosts listed .if so what is for iscsi are they wwnn or wwpn or iscsi node?


Re: igroup

They are nodes. You can use igroup show -v <initiator_group> to list members of the particular group and get a verbose listing.

Re: igroup

hey thankyou for ur kind reply,

but dude  why they are nodenames for iscsi as  they are port names in case of fcp? can u digg out more into this

Re: igroup

iscsi is represented using iqn naming conventions,

Re: igroup

The most precise answer is.....neither. iSCSI goes by what are called "iqns" -- something like "". Great info on the format here....

You can mix in CHAP as well for higher security (basically a single shared password).

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