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migration from SAN to NAS

Hello folks,

can you please answer to this question:

i have filer fas2020 in SAN enviornment(iscsi) with 5 volumes in which LUN's are carved in each respective volume & now i want to move these 5 volumes to NAS environment on fas3020 & i want create the shares & NFS for the respective volumes.

can this be accomplished using vol copy..?

can you please answer & correct me.

Thanks in advance...


Re: migration from SAN to NAS

No. You will need to do a host based migration. If you vol copy the volume you will just get another volume with LUNs.

-- Adam Fox

Re: migration from SAN to NAS

The filer does not know what is inside the LUN as it is managed by the host.  Have a look at robocopy or xcopy to move the files and keep permissions.


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Re: migration from SAN to NAS

I've got a strange feeling we may be looking here at VMware environment & moving iSCSI VMFS to NFS share.

IF that's the case then Storage VMotion may help (can be done even online), but arguably it will be another form of host-based migration (IO goes via ESX node).


Re: migration from SAN to NAS

Thanks Fox,brenda & radek I go with Host based migration.


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