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'netgroup_match' returned failure: eCode = -1


i am working on setting up nfs with ldap authentication and having issues doing the same .. i am entering the ldap options properly and the nsswitch.conf is set to ldap then files .. i am able to query the ldap server to get basic information for eg the username info

vfiler run XXX getXXbyYY getpwbyname_r m22XXXX

======  XXX

pw_name = m22XXXX

pw_passwd = {{******}}

pw_uid = XXNO



.. etc

only when i run

vfiler run XXX getXXbyYY  netgrp  netgroupname servername

'netgroup_match' returned failure: eCode = -1

a similar setup exisits in other location and  from that NFS server we are able to successfully able to query the nettgroup .,. i have rechecked the options file multiple times .. all is the same ..

iam not sure where else to look to troubleshoot this further ..


Re: 'netgroup_match' returned failure: eCode = -1


i have the same problem, where you able to solve?

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