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nfsstat -l

I am trying to display the NFS client info by issuing the command "nfsstat -l", however it comes up with the usage as below:

fas3070-rtp3*> nfsstat -l
usage: nfsstat <interval> [ <count> ]
usage: vfiler run <vfname> nfsstat -h [ <hostname or ip address> ] [ <interval> ]
usage: vfiler run <vfname> nfsstat -l [ <count> ]
usage: nfsstat -z
usage: nfsstat -C
usage: nfsstat [ -c ] [ -t ]

How come it requires the vfiler to run? I tried to input the filer name as the vfname but doesn't work. This is only the normal filer. I have truned on  the 'options nfs.per_client_stats.enable'. Is there another command to display the clinet information?




Re: nfsstat -l

Hmm, works perfectly fine here.

Which firmware are you running?

Re: nfsstat -l

Hi Timo,

I have found out the answer already.

check this kb:

anyway, thanks for your help.



Re: nfsstat -l

Hello Terrence !!
Just in case, whether nfsstat -l doesn't work, that because you're not pointing to the vfiler!!

Enable the NFS statics

options nfs.per_client_stats.enable on



Usually this options Should not remain ON , because causes an performance reduction, Please change it to OFF when you finish.


options nfs.per_client_stats.enable off


In order to reset counters:
houston>vfiler run vfiler0 nfsstat -Z

check the counters

houston>vfiler run vfiler0 nfsstat -l

===== vfiler0   <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 3717911586 ( 3%)   <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 3023359968 ( 3%)    <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 3011651246 ( 3%)   <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 2038641973 ( 2%)