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nsf-export* commands



I am using the following ONTAP API commands to update the export file:

nfs-exportfs-append-rules-2, nfs-exportfs-modify-rule-2, nfs-exportfs-delete-rules

1)     1. Are these commands expensive on the filer (i.e. generate load for instance)? I currently execute them on demand, meaning when someone wants to attach a VM to a qtree, I run either the modify or append command. Should this be done in batch instead such as every 30 minutes to limit the impact (if any)?

2)     2. Have you seen problem with executions of several append and/or modify commands concurrently? Does the API handle it or can the export file be corrupted because of such parallel actions?



Re: nsf-export* commands


Hello - have you gotten an answer to your question yet?  I have an email into our API team to take a look at your post, just in case you haven't. 

Re: nsf-export* commands


Hi Michael, Thanks for the follow up. No I have not had a response yet.

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