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ntap 8.11 cluster mode

Hi All,

And Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Trying to probe a cifs share on a cmode simulator. As I understand it a cifs share with acl Everyone FULL should suffice.

Win XP seems to net use fine with ntlm or v2 auth to the DC in the secd.log.

Trying to do the same when probe from my application (F5 ARX), filer keeps returning STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL.

From the looks of secd.log looks like it fails when attempting to call doAuthWithDC as pkt capture shows that a connection was not made to the DC.

Anyone have an idea as to why or what this Unexpected State is below?

0000000c.0016e890 0029dd4c Fri Sep 14 2012 17:56:14 +00:00 [kern_secd:info:2878] | [000.000.936]  ERR  :              User Authentication procedure failed!

0000000c.0016e891 0029dd4c Fri Sep 14 2012 17:56:14 +00:00 [kern_secd:info:2878] | [000.000.943]  ERR  :                [  0 ms] Login attempt by domain user 'ARX\arxproxy' using NTLMv2 style security

0000000c.0016e892 0029dd4c Fri Sep 14 2012 17:56:14 +00:00 [kern_secd:info:2878] | [000.000.949]  ERR  :              **[     0] FAILURE: Unexpected state: Error 6978 at file:authentication/secd_seclibglue.cpp func:doAuthenticateWithDC line:733


Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

I remember seeing something about ARX not support SMB 2 yet (but that may have been added since then) but that may be related. 

The -smb2-enabled option is enabled by default... does it work if you turn off smb2?

vserver cifs options modify -vserver vsname -smb2-enabled false

Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

Hi Scott,

You are correct ARX does no support SMB2 as of yet.

The pkt trace indicates that XP is using SMB1 and ARX is using SMB1 as well. I tryed to turn SMB2 off as you suggested. The end result was the same. Net use via XP is fine. ARX can't probe. Crazy.

Any other thoughts?

beenz# probe authentication ntlmv2 external-filer SH_1_Filer proxy-user CertProxy_1                                               

  IP address  :


  User        : ARX\arxproxy

  Protocol    : NTLMv2


Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

One other note to add.

I know I saw this working with the 8.1 simulator so I am going to revist this.

Anyone have release notes between 8.1 and 8.1.1 cmode?

Thank You

Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

The 8.1.1 relnotes show support for SMB 2.1 which seems to be the major cifs change...but the client is using SMB1..unless a change or interaction issue with ARX.. Is there an F5 case open? 

Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

Yes, I have an internal PD bug open. This is an interop issue between the filer and ARX. Working with Engineer's in India with little response. No fault of there own considering the time difference and the fact that XP, 7 clients do work.

I can probe the DC from the filer.

ONTAP-CLUS-81::*> diag secd authentication login-cifs -node ONTAP-CLUS-81-01 -vserver vserver1 -user interopproxy

Enter the password:
Windows User: interopproxy Domain: ENGSMOKE Privs: a7
Primary Grp: S-1-5-21-448539723-1844237615-725345543-513
      Domain: S-1-5-21-448539723-1844237615-725345543 Rids: 30841, 512, 513, 519, 1221
      Domain: S-1-1 Rids: 0
      Domain: S-1-5 Rids: 11, 2
     Unix ID: 0, GID: 1
       Flags: 1
   Domain ID: 0
  Other GIDs:
Authentication Succeeded.

Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

Same thing with 8.1 cmode sim. Something small I am overlooking here.

Is it OK to use root as the default cifs unix user?

Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

Most use pcuser but we have had root set in some long as there is a mapping that is what is needed.  You can modify the default to pcuser and make sure the unixuser exists for pcuser but doesn't sound like the cause.

Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

Thanks Scott, I'll try. I assumed that would not work becuase of UID / GID being 65534  65534. I think root squash. Could be way off here.

Does cifs options default user = pcuser sufficent enough for mapping win user to unix user?

Re: ntap 8.11 cluster mode

Same behavior using pcuser for default unix user.

Missing something small here.