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ontapdsm mpio problem


We have installed Data ONTAP® DSM 3.5 for Windows® MPIO on DPM Windows 2008 R2 server.

After reboot there were no more FCP PARTNER MISCONFIGURED errors on the netapp storage.

In Windows Logs/ system we get next errors:



Event ID:61123

General description: IO error. SRB status: Timeout reported on Lun 3 on path Id 05000001. The IO will be retried.

Please see the attachement.

Does anyone has a clue, how to solve this problem?

Thank you!

With regards,



Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

Hi Klemen,

I had the same issue. It was caused by a bug in the ONTAP version 8.1. After an upgrade to 8.1.1P1 the issue no longer appears.

Kind regards


Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

Do you happen to have the bug ID for that?

Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

I have a customer with the same problem and an SFP on the SAN switch turned out to be the problem.

Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

Having the same issue at two different locations have replaced SFP's and warning still occurs.

Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

Hi There,

I have had a similar issue come up after ONTAP upgrade to 8.1.4P2 from 8.1.2P4.

The environment is pretty much the same, see below:

- FAS6240HA

- ONTAP 8.1.4P2 (7-Mode)

- FC SAN environment

- NetApp SAN Host Utilities Kit v6.0.2

- ONTAP DSM v3.4 - upgraded to v4.1 since the issue.

- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (MS Cluster)

- SQL Server the main application used on this Microsoft Cluster.

The error I am getting is:

IO error: SRB Status Command timeout reported on LUN 6 on Path Id 03000101. The IO will be retried.

and also repeated on other LUNs

Any help would be appreciated.


-Taha Nadeem

Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

Having exactly the same issue on our MS SQL cluster 2008R2.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

Hi, I know this has been dead for ages but did anyone get a solution?

I have the same issue and have posted here:


So far no solution.



Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

Keeping this one alive. I'm also seeing this on an old MS cluster running exchange. It is interesting that many who've posted are seeing this on clusters. SRB stands for SCSI_Request_Block and is the responsibility of the storport or minport driver. Here's a MSKB that explains the storage stack. 


I don't have a fix for this either but I do wonder if outdated miniport drivers play a role here. Also running ONTAP DSM 4.x (I believe it is 4.0). Using HP rebranded Qlogic cards. Does everyone have Qlogic, I wonder!?

Re: ontapdsm mpio problem

We had this issue happen twice and both times changing the SFP on NetApp stopped the SRB timeouts on the hosts.

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