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option interface.blocked.mgmt_data_traffic


Hello Fellow Toasters,

I can't seem to find any document describing the option interface.blocked.mgmt_data_traffic (found e.g. in Data ONTAP 7.3.6P2, default value: off). Google and search did not return a single hit.

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Re: option interface.blocked.mgmt_data_traffic


The option interface.blocked.mgmt_data_traffic controls the protocol filter for dedicated management ports, such as e0M on many platforms (not all platforms have a dedicated management port). If the option is set to on (the default for new installs), then NDMP, NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and the SNAP* family of data protocols will be blocked by the dedicated management port. "On" is the recommended setting because a dedicated management port is a low-bandwidth port that does not support jumbo frames, vlans or ifgrps. If a dedicated management port is used for data traffic, it can hide misconfigurations that might lead to serious loss of filer throughput. A dedicated management port should only be configured with addresses that are on isolated management-only subnets.

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Re: option interface.blocked.mgmt_data_traffic


Will this also block/restrict e0M from registering to DNS if the option dns.update.enable secure is set? I'm trying to keep the e0M interface from dynamically registering the hostname.

Re: option interface.blocked.mgmt_data_traffic


Just found this... in the ifconfig the "no_ddns" parameter...   ifconfig e0M no_ddns IP_address

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