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"I/O error occurred" when writing to NFS


Using a FAS270C filer with QTree and NFS exports open.   NFS mounts fine on VCenter, but seems to be write only.  CIFS share works fine as well.  I can download files on NFS share to desktop, but when I try to upload anything to it I get a "I/O error occurred error".  I read some information about jumbo frames fixing this, but we do not have jumbo frames configured on any of our devices.  I am using DataOntap.

If anyone has seen this error before and came across a fix, please let me know.  Thanks.


Re: "I/O error occurred" when writing to NFS



It seems like you don't have your volumes exported "rw" and "root" to your NFS clients/VMWare hosts.  Read the exportfs manpage to see what the exported mounting rights are... 'exportfs -c ...'

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