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"Open Other" field on vserver cifs session show


Anybody happen to know what "Open Other" refers to? As in:

(emphasis added; output taken from

Many thanks.....

cluster1::> vserver cifs session show -instance -continuously-available Yes
                        Node: node1
                     Vserver: vs1
                  Session ID: 1
               Connection ID: 3151274158
Incoming Data LIF IP Address:
      Workstation IP address:
    Authentication Mechanism: Kerberos
                Windows User: DOMAIN\SERVER1$
                   UNIX User: pcuser
                 Open Shares: 1
                  Open Files: 1
                  Open Other: 0
              Connected Time: 10m 43s
                   Idle Time: 1m 19s
            Protocol Version: SMB3
      Continuously Available: Yes

Re: "Open Other" field on vserver cifs session show


Hi, It specifies the number of special CIFS files opened such as streams or directories



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