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reallocate lun/volme question

Hello community,

i have already read alot and used reallocate on my normal (exported as nfs /cifs) volumes after growing an aggregate. i have just added another ds3243 to an aggregate and my question is now: if i want to reallocate a lun, do i have to reallocate the volume first? a lun is in a volume, so thats why i am asking. when i reallocate the lun, is the volume automatically reallocated?

sorry, maybe  i did not understand all the posts in the forum until now..

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Re: reallocate lun/volme question

volume reallocate will perform both of them and you may see a degrade of performance (reads and writes) during the reallocation, do it the maintenance.

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Re: reallocate lun/volme question

File (lun) reallocation reallocates only specific file. Volume reallocation reallocates every file in a volume.

Re: reallocate lun/volme question


Is there any difference which one to use when a volume contains only one LUN? I cannot find anything in TR-3929 and neither in manual.

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