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rename /vol on filer


is there any way that we can rename /vol on filer.

instead of /vol/testvol01 , /vol/testvol02  etc.. i want to see as /testvol01,  /testvol02.. etc

thanks in advance


Re: rename /vol on filer

By on the controller. But for hosts you can. Cifs is easy with the sharename. For nfs use the -actual method and you dot have to use /vol/volname as the mount name. But the mount location is still internally /vol/volname

Re: rename /vol on filer

Not on the controller. Autocorrect above from the iPhone app

Re: rename /vol on filer

thanks Scott.

so will try giving the mount points as /testvol01 and check.

Re: rename /vol on filer

Using -actual testvol01 in exports pointing to /vol/testvol01/

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