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share home dirs via CIFS and NFS from a vfiler?


We currently have a Windows machine sharing home dirs and other shares that we are moving to a vfiler.

All shares are accessable from Windows correctly and the home dirs work as expected by finding the right dir for the user.

I would like to also share these out via NFS but when I do and mount either the base home dir or my users home dir I get permission denied.

The vfilers volume is nfts security style.

The "home" directory is NOT a qtree (if that matters).

What other info would you need to know to see what I may have set incorrectly?

Is this even possible?




share home dirs via CIFS and NFS from a vfiler?


You've set the exports correctly, right?  I'm assuming you're sharing NFS to unix boxes?  You'll need appropriate user mapping from your windows to unix users (usermap.cfg), plus the NetApp will need to know about the unix users - NIS, LDAP, passwd, etc.  Not sure if you've gone through this or not?


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