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space being taken by CIFS shares under a volume


I have several shares under a volume, and the volume gurantee is set to none.

Are there any commands to show me how much space being taken by individual shares under the volume? if there are no way on the filer, then what people usually do to get the space usage on shares?



Re: space being taken by CIFS shares under a volume


For us it's either use a 3rd-party software like use TreeSize, or put a share on a qtree and use tracking quota so that the filer reports space usage on each qtree.  DFM will also report space used in qtrees.    If a share is already in a directory and not a qtree under a volume then we use a 3rd party software.  NetApp Host Agent might give you this information.  I never used it so I'm not sure what it does, but it seemed like it might do this. 

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