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vFiler root volume increase

Hi guys,

I have not managed to find how one can increase root volume of a vFiler. there is no <vol size> command on the vFiler and as the volume

is owned by the vFiler I reckon it cant be done from vFiler0. I have an issue where an audit log fills up my root volume to the point that

the registry wont even be written to! this means CIFS security updates cannot be written, cannot create new users via CLI, etc etc.

Have not found any info. on NOW.

Any help would be good.



Not sure this is the right place to put it, but a vfiler is as virtual as it gets right?


Re: vFiler root volume increase

You can and should increase it from vfiler0. The physical filer owns the aggregates so it's done there.

-- Adam Fox

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Re: vFiler root volume increase

Try to increase the volume size from the Physical Filer, you can use FilerView to resize the same.



Re: vFiler root volume increase

Thanks for that guys. its a prod. vfiler so I was not able to test doing it on vfiler0. now I will!


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