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vol move command - disruptive?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to gather others' experience with the 'vol move' command.

We have a single fas3140 running 8.1.2-7mode.  I'm trying to provision enough space for a backup target in one of my 64b aggregates.  I have a few volumes in that can be assigned to another 32b aggr.  Is this possible?  Does anyone know what problems I might run into and what I should plan for?

There are 3 volumes I need to move.  Two contain LUNS the other is shared out via NFS.  From what I've been reading , I can move the volumes containing the LUNS non-distruptively.  My other question is in regards to the NFS I have to stop sharing it before I run the vol move command?

Any help/advice is appreciated.



Re: vol move command - disruptive?

I had quite similar task a few months ago, (had to move volumes between aggregates there were 32b and 64b). Was forced to convert aggregate back to 32b to complete that. 

Vol copy and I believe move, doesn't work between 32 and 64.

Re: vol move command - disruptive?

This should answer all your questions.

So in short to answer your question, I have got some points listed below from the above link.

You cannot move the following types of volumes:

1. A volume from a 32-bit aggregate to a 64-bit aggregate, or from a 64-bit aggregate to a 32-bit aggregate

2. The source volume should not be exported to NFS or CIFS clients when the volume move operation is in progress.

Note: There is a small window of time when you can export the source volume over NFS or CIFS before the volume move enters the cutover phase. However, if you do so, the cutover phase might not be successfully completed. If the cutover phase is not completed, there is no disruption to SCSI clients because the volume move rolls back to continue with the data copy phase.

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vol move command - disruptive?

Thank-You, the doc Ravi posted answered my question.

Re: vol move command - disruptive?

Great, please mark this question as answered as it will help other to browse in future.

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