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xcp 1.6.2 excluding folder

I need to exclude a folder from sync . I am using the following parameter however this does not seems to be working

-exclude "'folder-a/b/c/*'"


Idea is anything under folder c should be excluded. is this the correct format?




Re: xcp 1.6.2 excluding folder

so correct answer is 

-exclude path('*path/to/your/folder*')



Re: xcp 1.6.2 excluding folder

Hi Hamedg,


I looked into your request and see that the "-exclude" flag is now introduced in XCP 1.6.2, which the reference document for XCP 1.6.2 does not describe the flag or all the various parameters it supports. I have communicated this to our Engineering Team to update the documentation. I apologize in advance.


For your reference: XCP 1.6.2 to add exclude filter for files and folders 




Team NetApp

Team NetApp

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