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ONTAP Select upgrade to 9.7 failure due to staging directory size


I tried to upgrade ONTAP Select from 9.6RC1 to 9.7 using System Manager using a local upload.  I ran in to two issues:

1. Issue related to BugID 1223866, staging area in 9.6 is 2GB's, less than required for 9.7.  Tried guidance in BUG ID to increase staging space, but the job kept hanging in state of 'running'


Also increased size of mroot and issued the staging size command as recommended in the bug notes.


Logged in via diag account, found that /mroot/etc/upload was a link to "/mroot/etc/www/webjail/php/tmp/upload/complete";  however the link pointed to a non-existent directory at the upload/complete levels.  Created upload and upload/complete directories.


2. Once the above was fixed, the upload complained that it could only upload a .tgz file.  The upgrade file, as downloaded from the NetApp support site, was all capitalized, in other words XXXX.TGZ.  Renamed source file to all lower case letters.


The upload worked like a charm.  Now to install it.