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Volume Block Size and Alloc Type


How can i read Block Size and Alloc Type of a Volume?


Re: Volume Block Size and Alloc Type


WAFL's default block size is 4KB and (as far as I know) cannot be changed. If you're running 7-Mode, you can verify by running the "vol status -b <volume name>" command - I'm not sure if there is an equivalent CDOT command (couldn't find one after a quick search).  As for the allocation type, assuming that you're referring to the volume "space-guarantee" setting which controls how space is allocated for a given volume, you can do it via the ONTAP CLI by running the "volume show <volume name> -fields space-guarantee" command, or in PowerShell (handy if you have lots of volumes you'd like to collect this information for) by running the PowerShell command "Get-NcVol <volume name> | fl {$_.VolumeSpaceAttributes.SpaceGuarantee}"


Some further reading on space guarantees: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMM1277794/html/smg/GUID-C9F36C22-8A46-4D44-B74D-54B56F834D29.html

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