ONTAP, FAS, and OnCommand

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Hi,   Any idea when ONTAP Simulator 9.5 will be available ?   Thanks, Ash
Hi,   I'm trying to import custom performance reports created in Eclipse (and working in Eclipse) so I can generate weekly PDFs. I already have plenty ...read more
We would like to create a report that gives us the top X consumers of storage space on our volumes.  We can get a list of the users and their space us ...read more
I am trying to get the quota used by a list of users in a csv file. I want to know how much storage has been used. You can only do for a single user o ...read more
Hi there -  Starting 12/31/2018, we’re having a problem with NetApp-Harvest receiving SVM capacity metrics from UM 9.4. SVM capacity metrics from UM s ...read more
Greetings All, We are currently ensuring that our STIGs for all servers are in place and I have two areas that I cannot find a resolution for.  They a ...read more
I'm intrested to see if there is a way of calling an external  REST API using WFA?
Hi  Can someone help me with the command to enable an ifgrp in cluster mode (cdot). I currently have an ifgrp which entered a disabled state and if i ...read more
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