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Has anybody created a script to compare the nodes in an HA pair to make sure the rc files are in sync? I do most admin on the comandline and while bei ...read more
Hello all,   I would like to test a situation, when Volumes on snapmirrored SVMs are out of sync and ontap will generate an event sm.syncmirror.out.of ...read more
Hello,   Recently we received a CDot cluster with 12 partitioned disks pre-installed from NetApp and we started using it and a week later we received ...read more
Hello I'm very new to the nabox. I'm playing with this tool for some time now but I'm still pretty lost. I can see the netapp structure in Graphite an ...read more
Hello all, I have 2 Ontap Clusters configured in the OnCommand Unified Manager 7.3Is there any way to disable Performance data polling for only one of ...read more
hi all   i am running ocum 9.4 some time now, no problems at all. since 10 days i am blind on one cluster (we do have 2 monitored)   message in "Confi ...read more
Hello .I am new to netapp appliance so here is the question .I have a Fas2020 it was wth CIFS and becasue of the smb1 witch is obsolite i have ben ask ...read more
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