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ONTAP Recipes: Attach StorageGRID Webscale as a FabricPool external capacity tier


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Attach StorageGRID Webscale as a FabricPool external capacity tier


Storing data in tiers can enhance the efficiency of your storage system. You manage storage tiers by using FabricPool. It stores data in a tier based on whether the data is frequently accessed. FabricPool automatic storage tiering was added in ONTAP 9.2. You can attach NetApp StorageGRID as the capacity tier. Infrequently accessed ("cold") data is stored in the capacity tier. A FabricPool license is not required when using StorageGRID as the capacity tier.


1. Open System Manager and select the Storage Tiers.

2. Click Add External Capacity Tier.

3. Select StorageGRID and enter the requested information. Be sure the Server Name matches the CA certificate used by Storage Grid. You might need to replace the certificate for StorageGRID with a new one that matches the hostname.




4. Click Save and Attach Aggregates.

5. Select one or more eligible aggregates. Aggregates must be SSD-only, and all volumes must be thin provisioned (volume guarantee set to none).

6. Click View and Update Tiering Policy for Volumes.

7. Update policies if needed, and then click Save.


For more information, please see the ONTAP9 documentation center.



Tip: Remember to configure the StorageGRID Webscale side first. Check out the simplified certificate generate script (make-certificate) now available: