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ONTAP Recipes

ONTAP Recipes: Correlate EMS Messages and Performance Metrics with NetApp OATS


Did you know you can…?


Correlate EMS Messages and Performance Metrics with NetApp OATS (ONTAP Analytics and Telemetry Services)


If you’d like to diagnose performance problems in one or more clusters by correlating EMS messages and Key Performance Metrics (KPM), you can deploy the free Netapp ONTAP Analytics and Telemetry Services (OATS) application into your AWS.


OATS performance dashboards display data for multiple clusters, allowing summary and drill down detailed views. OATS data collection imposes almost no overhead on ONTAP and can be used in all performance scenarios. It also provides a complete set of APIs for more advanced integration and data exploration.


To deploy OATS in a matter of minutes:  


1. Confirm access to your AWS Account. You’ll need administration privileges to be able to deploy a stack of resources. Go to https://aws.amazon.com for more details.


2. Go to AWS Marketplace (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace) and search for Netapp OATS. You’ll have three results for the three Amazon Machine Images (AMIs):


  • NetApp ONTAP Analytic & Telemetry Services (OATS) - Web Portal
  • NetApp ONTAP Analytic & Telemetry Services (OATS) - Monitoring Services
  • NetApp ONTAP Analytic & Telemetry Services (OATS) - Trafero Services

3. Accept the Software Terms for each of those machines and continue the deployment through CloudFormation Console, from the Web Portal AWS page. For more information on how to install in AWS, see: https://s3.amazonaws.com/oats-metadata/1.0.1/oats_aws.html


4. Set up the deployment based on your AWS settings, security and network configuration. For details on parameters, see: https://s3.amazonaws.com/oats-metadata/1.0.1/oats_getting-started.html#_deploying_cloud_oats_CFT


5. Your OATS Stack will be deployed in about 15 to 20 mins by Amazon Web Services.


6. Follow instructions to set up a DataCollector container in your environment, with read-only access to the clusters you want to monitor. For details on the DataCollector installation, see: https://s3.amazonaws.com/oats-metadata/1.0.1/oats_datacollector.html


7. Once deployed, the stack will receive data and dashboards will be available.





For more information, see Getting started with OATS: https://s3.amazonaws.com/oats-metadata/1.0.1/oats_getting-started.html


To learn more about OATS watch:




For more documentation, see the ONTAP9 documentation center.



Is there any possibility to get this in other than AWS stack?  I'd be interested in using this on premise in a location that can't get access to AWS.




Thank you for your interest and inquiry on OATS. At the current moment, OATS is only available in AWS. We are working to make this available via other delivery methods, but those are not yet available, and we do not yet have a timeline for that availability.


Jason Ledbetter

Technical Director, NetApp


A similar tool that can be used on-prem is NAbox (formerly ADVA). In fact, I suspect the guy behind NAbox had something to do with OATS because he's a NetApp employee. 


NABox is a NetApp community provided and supported tool that delivers detailed dashboard views of Data ONTAP, supporting both legacy 7-mode, and clustered Data ONTAP.


OATS, currently in its initial release, is designed from the ground up witha focus on troubleshooting clustered Data ONTAP through system event and performance data correlation via NetApp provided and supported Key Performance Metrics ("KPMs"). OATS is not intended to replace Harvest, NABox, or any other NetApp offering.


It has been developed indepently of the community provided NAbox and Harvest.


Thank you.


Jason Ledbetter

Technical Director, NetApp


Thanks for the reply, however, I use NABOX already.  Its great for collecting data and displaying it.  But it looks like OATS may have analytics built in, which would be a nice differentiator.  So, I was hoping to compare them on premise.




If you are already using the NAbox then you can can easily set up your own syslog server and view events on the Grafana dashboards.  Below is a screenshot of what it would look like.  Current beta version of the NAbox has this feature built in or you can view my blog on how to set it up.  Learn how here.  If you don't have access to AWS then this solution would be perfect.



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