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ONTAP Recipes: Create a nonshared QoS policy


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You can create a nonshared quality-of-service (QoS) policy?


Customers who want to individually control workloads (volumes, LUNs, or files) with QoS have to create a QoS policy per workload. This results in a proliferation of QoS policies, even though just a few policies such as gold, silver, bronze would meet the customer's needs. With the release of NetApp ONTAP 9.4, a nonshared policy can be created in which each assigned workload gets the policy.


For example, a test application requires three volumes with a QoS ceiling of 1,000 IOPS per volume. Prior to ONTAP 9.4, three QoS policies would be required to achieve this. Starting with ONTAP 9.4, you can create a single nonshared QoS policy to use with all three volumes assigned to the policy.


To create a nonshared QoS policy, complete the following steps in the ONTAP CLI:


1. Create a nonshared QoS policy with a ceiling of 1,000 IOPS.

  ::> qos policy-group create -policy-group bronze -max-throughput 1000IOPS -is-shared false


2. Assign each volume to the QoS policy.

  ::> volume modify -volume test_vol1 -qos-policy-group bronze

  [Job 40] Job succeeded: volume modify succeeded

  ::> volume modify -volume test_vol2 -qos-policy-group bronze

  [Job 41] Job succeeded: volume modify succeeded

  ::> volume modify -volume test_vol3 -qos-policy-group bronze

  [Job 42] Job succeeded: volume modify succeeded


3. Make sure each volume can serve a maximum of 1,000 IOPS.

  ::> qos statistics workload performance show

  Workload      IOPS      Throughput     

  ------------  ----      ----------

  test_vol1     1000      4000KB/s

  test_vol2     1000      4000KB/s

  test_vol3     1000      4000KB/s


For more information about ONTAP, visit the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center

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