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ONTAP Recipes: Deploy MongoDB replica sets that retain storage efficiency


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Deploy MongoDB replica sets that retain storage efficiency


  1. Create a flexvol to host the MongoDB primary. Mount the flexvol on the primary host.
  2. Take a snapshot on the flexvol created in step 1.
  3. Create volume clones based on the snapshot taken in step 2. Create as many volume clones as there are secondaries in the replica set.
  4. Mount one clone volume on each secondary host.
  5. Initialize the replica set. Since the data in the primary and clone volumes is same, the primary and secondary replica sets are in sync immediately.
  6. As the source and clone volumes diverge due to new writes coming in, customers can destroy the older snapshot (from step 2) and recreate a newer set of clones.

The workflow can be easily automated using NetApp WFA (workflow automation) tool or shell scripts and works for both SAN and NAS.


For more information, see the ONTAP9 documentation center

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