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ONTAP Recipes: Deploy a MongoDB test/dev environment on DP Secondary


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Deploy MondoDB test or development environment on Data Protection Secondary storage


Before you begin, you need: 

  • AFF/FAS system as primary storage
  • FAS system as secondary storage (unified replication for DR and vault)
  • Snapmirror license on both systems
  • Intercluster LIF on both systems
  • MongoDB Replica Set production system
  • Server to mount the clone database (cloning server)


  1. Set up the cluster peering between primary and secondary systems.
  2. Establish the SVM peering between the SVM that holds your MongoDB production database on the primary system with the SVM on the secondary system that will work as the vault system.
  3. Initialize the relationship to get your baseline snapshot in place.
  4. On the unified replication system, identify the volume(s) which contain the MongoDB replica set LUNs, identify the snapshot that reflects the version, and create a FlexClone based on that snapshot.
  5. Map the cloned LUNs to the cloning server. You don’t have to map LUNs from primary and all secondaries, just pick one (for example, primary member of the replica set) and map its LUNs to the cloning server.
  6. Mount the cloned LUNs filesystem.
  7. Create a MongoDB config file in the cloning server, like the one that already exists in the production environment, except that you will make the dbpath option pointing to the cloned LUNs filesystem and exclude the replication section of the config file.
  8. Connect to your cloned MongoDB database.


For more information, please see the ONTAP9 documentation center






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