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Easily create an Oracle application on SAN


To create an Oracle application for use over SAN without compromising application or overall system performance, follow these steps in OnCommand System Manager:


  1. Select the SVM.
  2. Click the Applications tab in the menu bar.
  3. Click Add Application.
  4. In the “Add Oracle Instance” page, specify the following properties of the application:
    • The name of the database. 
    • The name of the database server.
    • The datafile storage service level and size.
    • Properties of the redo log.
    • Enable or disable redo log mirroring.
    • Select SAN as the protocol used to access the application.
    • Select the host operating system that will access the application.
    • Host mapping information for the initiator group and initiator ids that will access the application.



After creation, details of the Oracle application components will be displayed in the System Manager summary.



For more information, please see the ONTAP9 documentation center




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