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ONTAP Recipes: Easily configure Cluster and SVM peering in ONTAP 9.3


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Easily configure cluster and SVM peering in ONTAP 9.3


In ONTAP 9.3, you can use the generate passphrase feature to create a peer relationship with a cluster whose intercluster LIF IP addresses you don't know in advance. You can also “pre-authorize” peer relationships for multiple SVMs on the destination cluster.


This recipe highlights the steps below:


  1. On the data protection destination cluster, create a cluster peer relationship with an unspecified remote cluster, and pre-authorize SVM peer relationships with the SVM “vs1” on the destination cluster:

cluster02::> cluster peer create -generate-passphrase -offer-expiration 2days -initial-allowed-vserver-peers vs1


  Passphrase: UCa+6lRVICXeL/gq1WrK7ShR

 Expiration Time: 6/7/2017 08:16:10 EST

 Initial Allowed Vserver Peers: vs1

 Intercluster LIF IP:

 Peer Cluster Name: Clus_7ShR (temporary generated)



 2. Send the generated passphrase in a secure email to the administrator of the data protection source cluster.


 3. On the data protection source cluster, use the generated passphrase to authenticate the source cluster to the destination cluster (make sure to authenticate the cluster before the passphrase expires):


cluster01::> cluster peer create -peer-addrs


Enter the passphrase:

Confirm the passphrase:


4. On the data protection source cluster, create a peer relationship between the local SVM “pvs1” and the pre-authorized SVM “vs1” on the data protection destination cluster:


cluster01::> vserver peer create -vserver pvs1 -peer-vserver vs1


For more information, see the ONTAP 9 documentation center





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